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We have been selling dyes for over 10 years and during that time have experimented with a variety of ways to use the dyes to their maximum potential. One of the trickiest tasks is how to measure and calculate the dye, fixative and water mixture for small projects or even just spot testing without wasting precious dye powder in the process.
The other big question is how to create complex shades in your experiments that can accurately be reproduced at a later stage or in larger scale production processes.
We believe we have now designed a simple process, complete with a little kit that will enable you to do both these tasks with ease and confidence. The Corkwood dye testing and colour mixing kit is one of our trade secrets that  works just as well for both procion type cold water dyes and hot water acid dyes . Each kit contains five micro spoons that hold approx 10mg (0.05 -0.1g) and ten 1ml plastic pipettes.
Our simple method will take a lot of the guesswork out of colour mixing and will allow
you to achieve much more predictable results.  
The process is slightly different for each type of dye so we have outlined the process for both Procion dyes and Acid dyes



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How to calculate dye quantities and mix shades

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