What countries do you post to?
This online store is for UK and europe. If you are from elsewhere you need to
contact us direct

How do I use the online shop?

Browse through the categories and find the item you want. Click on add to shopping basket where you can change the quantity of each item or you can click on remove if you change your mind. When you have the items you want, you choose a delivery method suitable for the items you have purchased. You will then be guided through checkout and you can complete purchase here.

Why are there two choices for Royal mail postage?

As of April 2nd, Royal mail have introduced two pricing levels dependant on size. As much as we dont like the new rules,  we will do our best to pack everything in a way to take advantage of the small parcel sizings. However some of our things such as the coned yarn and some of the larger items are too wide for small packet which is why at checkout we give you a number of choices. Right now we have added a choice of couriers, My hemes for a cheap economy service and APC overnight for England and Wales.

How are corkwood knitting and crafts supply and corkwood knitwear and design related?

They are all part of the same business. Corkwood knitwear and design is about our work in knitwear design and sample making whilst the craft supply business sells a range of products that we have tried and tested over the years and think other people will enjoy and find usefull.

Can we still order from you if we dont want to use the shop checkout?

No problem at all. You can send an email to me at corkwood.online@yahoo.com with your request and I can deal with it personally.

Do you take payment over the telephone?

No at this point we dont. Paypal process all the credit card payments online or you can send us a cheque.