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Kenanthrol acid milling dyes are suitable dyes for
fleece, wool, silk and other protein fibres.
As the name implies these dyes require a hot acidic
dye bath for the dye to bond with the fibre.
We provide instructions both for stove top dyeing and
microwave dyeing. The colours are all intermixable
and the colours we have provided will allow you to mix
a large range of your own shades.

A New addition to the pack is an advice sheet on the CYMK
colour mixing process and tips on how to create your own

The kit contains 10g of each of the five mixing colours
black, claret red, mid blue, turquoise and daffodil yellow. (Enough
to dye approx 2500g, or more if lighter colours are mixed of wool or fleece).

150g of ammonium sulphate (Fixing agent)

two pairs of gloves

Full instructions

Colour mixing advice

Our listing includes a pic of some of the things we have dyed
with these acid milling dyes and some of the different shades
we have mixed.



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Acid dye kit for dyeing wool and fleece five colours and fixative

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