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 Procion MX fibre-reactive cold water dyes are the best dyes available
for all cellulose fibres (Plant fibres) including cotton, rayon,
linen, hemp, flax, paper, reeds and wood. They are used for tie dye,
vat dyeing, graduation dyeing, printing, sponging, hand painting,
shibori, wax batik, splatter painting and more. The colours are very
concentrated and are all intermixable so you can easily create your
own range of colours.

Please be aware that Procion will not work at all on synthetics
such as polyester and will only dye protein fibres such as wool
and silk to very pale shades.

Our dyes come with good instructions and you will find a lot of
information on the internet about alternative methods with procion
dyes. They are very versatile and there are many ways they can be used .
You will need household salt and a fixative (Soda ash).

You do need to be aware that the colours of the dyes as represented
in our online shop are an approximation. As with all dyes the colour
achieved is dependant on the colour you are dyeing on top of and the
type of fabric you are dyeing. I would also strongly recommend that
if you are new to dyeing it may be best to have a trial dye session
before dyeing anything valuable and it is important to be aware that
when dyeing pre-manufactured clothing there is always a slight risk
because you can never be sure what chemicals the manufacturer has used
to coat the fabrics and how this will effect dye absorption.



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