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 The Corkwood 12 pin dual gauge peg loom 9" (22cms)

These new compact and very portable looms are based on an ancient form
of weaving but stand out amongst other looms for their simplicity
and ease of use. These Corkwood looms are really two looms in one.
We changed the original design to allow for both a chunky weave and
a standard weave. The chunky weave is especially suitable for thick fleece work
whilst the standard weave is better suited to a more compact weave
  Even a complete novice can set up this loom and be weaving almost immediately.
The list of suitable materials is endless, spun wool, raw fleece, rags, fabric
towel and twine are just some of the things that come to mind and its great fun
experimenting with different and unusual materials. Try this as a way to recycle
your plastic bags. As a knitter I found this a wonderful way to use up all my
extra wool ends. My particular favorites are the pieces I have made with raw
fleece. Examples of this are on my website

   This is a wonderful way to introduce kids to the weaving concept. It is easy
enough for even young children to pick up the weaving technique and achieve great
results. Have a look at the peg loom sample page on our website accessible from
the about me page to see some of the things we have been making with ours.

The Loom kit comprises of the loom itself, some warp thread, a threader tool
and very good clear colour instructions. The picture on the listing shows you
what the loom looks like when you weave on it.

These looms are not imported and are made in our own woodworking workshops.
we have three width available 35" 54 pin, 24" 36 pin and 17" 24 pins and we are also able
to make-to-order.

you can see above, some pictures of what we have been doing with ours. There are some
we have done with spun wool, raw fleece and tops.


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22 cm dual guage peg loom

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