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If you are wanting this delivered via
Royal mail in the UK this is considered
a small parcel 

I would describe this colour as a gorgeous medium fushia shade.

These gorgeous superfine 2/30s 100% 1 ply merino yarns are spun in a
way only the italians know how. These yarns are very close in
composition and texture to the Zegna Baruffa yarns and are
all intermixable. These are my favorite yarns to work with and
we use several strands together when we want a thicker yarn.    

Please be aware colours on computer monitors are not
always very accurate so if you are colour matching please
email me your adress and request a sample.

Approx Yarn quantities you will need with this yarn -:

For a medium size sweater knitted in stocking stitch
on a domestic standard gauge machine

1 strand, 9.6 stitches per inch approx 250g
16.6 rows per inch
Approx stitch size 5

2 strands, 8.5 stitches per inch Approx 360g
12 rows per inch
Approx stitch size 5

3 strands, 7.5 stitches per inch Approx 470g
10.5 rows per inch
Approx stitch size 7

4 strands, 7.3 stitches per inch Approx 540g
9.5 rows per inch
Approx stitch size 9



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